Brief Overview

Offshore Company Formation in Panama or International Business Corporation (IBC) is one of the longest standing offshore formation jurisdictions in the world as they are usually referred to in other jurisdictions. Since its registration in 1927, it has registered some 400,000 corporations and stays one of the premier destinations for offshore business establishment. The Panamanian offshore model has set a global standard due to its flexible formation structure and methods to ensure customer privacy with supportive legal framework..

Panama is tactically located to form a bridge between the Americas and became an international center for trade, and baking services. Thanking the stable political environment, Panamanian economy has attained quick growth over the last two decades because of its open business environment, free trade zones, and low tariffs that have encouraged investors and business enterprises in the country. Panama stays to be one of the best places to do business due its financial opportunities, low risk investments, and thriving banking center.

Corporate Information

Panama IBC may be displayed in any language but positively should include one of the following legal endings: Incorporated, Corporation, Sociedad Anonima, Inc., Corp., S.A. The name must vary from the one already existing or reserved corporate names in Panama.

Application Process

In order to stream-line the application process, provide all required documentation and let our professionals expedite the registered incorporation. The documents needed must be in the English language or accompanied by an English notarized translation.

Application Process

  • Our company’s due diligence you have to send us a proof of identity in the form of a passport copy for all directors and shareholders of the company.
  • A name check has to be done to ensure the name is both available and in compliance with Companies House requirements.
  • Starting the Offshore will be filing the memo and Articles of Association
  • Combined with one set of originals of all standard corporate documents
  • You will be receiving a Certificate of Incorporation which will ensure the existence of your company and fully completed set of incorporation documents.

Panama Offshore Company Formation - Requirements

  • Articles of Incorporation Requirements
  • Name of the corporation
  • Name and domicile of the subscribers of the corporation
  • Corporate objectifies
  • Corporate Capital
  • Duration of corporation
  • Name and address of Directors and dignitaries
  • Name and address of the registered agent

Panama corporations must consist of two subscribers present at the public registry in order to be incorporated. The subscribers are the folks from our law firm that appear at the Public Registry with the articles of incorporation to incorporate the corporation.