Brief Overview

Georgia is situated at the intersection of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is populatedwith 3.8 million people and the largest city is its capital Tbilisi. Georgia is a unitary semi-presidential republic in which the government is elected through a representative democracy.Company Formation in Georgia represents an attractive investment environment for foreign companies as the incorporation process takes a very short time if all the requirements are fulfilled.

The Law of Georgia on Entrepreneur was passed in 1994 and is Georgia’s governing factor on new comers which wasrevisedquite a few times since its initiation making corporate governance more effective. The legislative and regulatory framework of Georgia permits the registration of a Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company, General Partnership, Branch Office, as well as a Limited Partnership. A Sole Proprietorship must also be registered but cannot be considered as a legal entity and registration isn’t really required for a joint venture. A registered agent arranges all the required application forms and legal documentation signed by the shareholders and directors. And after the legal registration of the entity, the Registered Agent keeps a complete set of original documents.

Application Process

For the functioning of a stream-lined application process, provide all required documentation and let our professionals expedite the registered incorporation. The required documents should be in English language or accompanied by an English notarized translation.

Documents Required

  • A notarized color copy of a valid passport (one copy for each Shareholder, Director, Beneficial Owner, or Authorized Signatory)
  • A residential address proof dated to the last 3 months (a utility bill: one copy for each Shareholder, Director, Beneficial Owner, or Authorized Signatory)
  • A notarized copy that shows a bank reference (for Shareholder, Director, Beneficial Owner, Authorized Signatory)
  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV) (for each Director and Shareholder)
  • If Shareholders and/or directors are legal entities, it is necessary to submit a full set of certified company documents. If the company is operating over a year, a certificate of Good Standing must be submitted.
  • Submission of three different company names in order of preference is a must
  • An Attested Power of Attorney granting the authority for the registration of a company in Georgia
  • Any paid-up capital


The formation of a company in Georgia takes about 7 days after we receive all the required documents